Today I present some photos that were supposed to be such a small celebration of Mother’s Day and Children’s Day at once. However, presenting these photos here is a pretext to raise an important topic in terms of family sessions and… TIME OF THE SESSION. We took these pictures after 8 p.m. The baby dummy shows that the day was very intense – it was exactly on June 1 – Children’s Day, so it’s easy to guess how many attractions we have already had. But let’s come back to the topic!

Those who know me a bit have probably noticed that I always do summer sessions at the golden hour, which is just before sunset. This allows us to capture this special atmosphere in the picture… but not only!!! On sunny days, this time of the day is simply the most optimal to photograph people – the sun is already much lower in the sky, so it falls on our faces at the right angle and does not create ugly shadows (like the sun high in the sky), and the colour of light makes us more beautiful! Fills wrinkles, smoothes skin… – yes! The appropriate sunlighting works wonders!!! The same sun in the summer at 2 p.m. highlights all skin imperfections and gives the skin an ugly white colour.

What am I writing about this? So that you are not surprised that summer outdoor sessions take place in the late afternoon – at  6 p.m. or 7 p.m. … it all depends on the sunset time. As a mother, I know that young children sometimes go to bed at this time. However, a family session is a special day – sometimes the only one over a couple of years! We all want photos to be unique. You need to know that this uniqueness, apart from yourselves, is largely created by the right light. It brings that element of enchantment. It makes the final shoots achieve such colour effect and not the other. So, isn’t it worth to devote this time to get the dream effect in the pictures? You can always prepare your child earlier for this occasion – just try to set the nap a little later that day… try to spend that day calmly, so that at 6 p.m. the child is not tired and overwhelmed. Feed your baby before the session and take your favourite toy with you. And above all – don’t worry, and stay positive! It will be a nice time and the children will spend it happily while playing and running. I am sure that when you look at your photos, you will remember those moments with a smile