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I perform photoshooting in Majorca both at home, in natural style, and outdoors. I don't offer studio photo sessions. I know many beautiful outdoor locations - both those located somehow aside the city centre and those in lively places. Meadows, old towns, rocks, and the beach are the best places for taking photos. It all depends on what conditions serve you best. Generally, you feel more confident when you are not among the onlookers and I totally understand it. So I encourage you to arrange a session in the morning. The energy of the morning sun is always awsome and colorfull. And the golden hour time is most romantic, pink, orange and gold. I really enjoy bigger and smaller trips, so I will not hesitate to go a little bit further for a nice outdoor trip. It's wonderful when you want to take me to "your" favourite places. And if you are not sure about the location of the photoshoot, I will always help you, guide you, send you pictures with inspirations and it will definitely make your decision easier.


First of all, take a smile and a good mood, comfortable shoes and get ready for a great adventure! Don't worry that you are not professional models – I do not expect such people, and my sessions are mainly based on a walk or even a journey, from which I later create your stories. There's no fake posing or forcefulness here. I love when you monkey around, go crazy, dance and fall over. My sessions can last about 2 hours –It's enough time to get to know each other and get used to the camera and the crazy girl who holds it in her hands :-). It is normal that you may feel stressed at the beginning, but remember that we all share a common goal – have a good time, full of emotions – that's all we need to get amazing pictures. The point is not to pretend to be someone else, just be yourself! Thanks to this the pictures are honest and authentic and the emotions are real. You are the most beautiful when you are natural and 100% yourself.


Before outdoor sessions, you often ask me – what about the weather? Trust me – we can take magic photos in any weather conditions because the pictures are about you - not about the weather, not about the surroundings. That's why I don't think that changing the date of the session is a good idea. Of course, your comfort is very important to me, so I do not see a problem to change the date of the photoshoot if I have other available dates.

Most sessions take place before sunset, because of the most beautiful light at this time of the day (it then creates the atmosphere of the photo!. In summer, outdoor sessions take place early in the morning or in the afternoon (from 7 p.m.). I know that this time of the day may not be the best for young children, but I can assure you that your commitment will bring the best possible results! On cloudy days every time of the day is great because, contrary to appearances, the clouds act as a huge diffuser – they diffuse the focused sunlight and make you look simply more beautiful in the pictures :-). You don't squint your eyes, there are no ugly flat shadows on the faces, which are usually created by strong sunlight on a beautiful cloudless day.

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I know that this is one of your most important dilemmas. Here are some tips that will be helpful - I strongly encourage you to take them to heart.

1. Dress comfortably, freely – so that during the session you do not have to focus on constantly smartening yourself up so that it does not distract your attention from the more important things :-)

2. Choose soft, muted colours rather than bright, neon shades. Let your attire be a reflection of your personality, let it complement and not replace you and not be a competition for you. Believe me, a big globe on a T-shirt can ruin the most romantic photo. Your clothing always affects the final effect of the photos. So let your clothes be neat, subtle, and properly adjusted to the overall idea of the session. Make sure that your clothes are consistent with each other so that they do not clash. This will ensure the highest aesthetics of the photos.

3. As I know from my experience, the most beautiful are natural fabrics – cotton, linen. I love hats as well as vintage and boho style!!! If you have tattoos, show them off!!! When it comes to children's and women's clothes, feel free to ask me - I have many stylish clothes for the session!

4. If the session is non-sports style – I t is worth to let go of the topic of sneakers (ladies and gentlemen!), while during home photoshoots I condemn wearing slippers or socks (no slippers nor socks allowed!). Of course, the session is primarily for you, but my aesthetic sense makes me strongly protest in this case. It's worth trusting the photographer – we really see what looks good in the picture and what doesn't ;-)

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Sometimes your decision (both positive and negative) on a lifestyle session is influenced by your assessment of your house/ flat. Are you afraid whether your private space will work well? So I tell you quickly – yes, of course, it will. After all, this is the place where you live every day and it is where your memories and stories are created. It is YOUR SOUL in it. Your home is the most comfortable, carefree, and safe place in which you and your memories can be captured. So it is the most suitable to capture beautiful moments in the camera frame. From the photographer's perspective, the aspect of whether the interiors are adequately illuminated is very important. I usually ask you about this in private conversations. I also often ask you to send some photos to be able to assess the lighting conditions. And trust me – there will always be a well-lit place that will allow us to create beautiful photos. Sometimes it may require moving the armchair ;-)

It is important that you prepare your home appropriately before I come. No, no – I don't mean big cleanup! It is about removing objects that could create a mess in the photo - dishwashing liquid in the sink or diapers... Besides... don't change your home because of me! It has to remain in your style.
Due to the small amount of sunlight in our climate zone in autumn and winter, home lifestyle sessions at this time of year take place only in the morning, not later than 11 p.m. I only take photos using natural light, I don't use lamps. Therefore, to get technically correct photos, I don't perform sessions in the afternoon.

And finally, remember:

We share the same goal – to create the most beautiful pictures <3

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