Aaaaaawwww – delight, delight, delight! Over this wonderful family, over their energy and love, I could see at every turn! It’s wonderful to see a lot of emotion beating from you from the very beginning and a huge motivation that makes me want to do these somersaults in the grass with you! And this dream stylisation – airy dresses, colours, long flowing hair, braids… When Aneta sent me photos of highlander’s shawl before the photo session, which she was about to bring with her, I jumped for joy, shouting out loud: yes! yes! yes! haha! Just look – a small detail that had a very positive impact on the final effect of the photos! I always say –If you have any nice items, materials, gadgets that match the idea of the session – bring them with you! They make this session even more yours! You probably already know that I’m a stylistic freak… it’s easy to guess after seeing my posts and photos – at least I hope so. After all, isn’t love combined with wonderful styling a perfect recipe for great photos? I have a huge need for the lifestyle sessions to be based on these two elements – your emotions, feelings, love… and a bit of madness in your clothes. A bit of nonobviousness, a bit of imagination. For me, it’s an amazing mix. And this little Franio, who became my little admirer during the session and regularly gave me flowers awwwww  <3 – I love those little memories in my head when I edit photos <3. Aneta, Tom –  thank you for this magical time and for your permission to publish photos, which is extremely important for the photographer! Thanks to the fact that I can publish your photos, more and more amazing families know about me – that’s the best way to say “thank you” for amazing pictures! <3