Hello! Today, a short post for people for those using my services for family (and other) photoshoots – outdoors and at home. We all know that clothing is one of those things that significantly affect the final effect of the photos. Because the final effect of the photos primarily depends on clothes – what colours of clothes you wear, whether the clothes of all the people in the picture go together, and whether they are suitable to the location of the session. You always get numerous clothing tips from me before the photo session – we also often discuss on what to wear (if you wish). It is worth trusting me in this matter because I know what works well and what doesn’t. I want you to know that I have a special mobile wardrobe that you can take advantage of during the session. For the purpose of the photo session, I offer you some dresses I have – this is not all I have – I also have clothes for children in a similar style to this presented in the pictures. Besides, I also have a great collection of hats, scarves, and blankets in boho style, cardigans and sweaters, and even boho jewellery! There is really a lot to choose from! Clothes and accessories are included in the price of the session, so feel free to take advantage of them. When considering the atmosphere of the session, I discuss the outfits individually with each of you. I think it’s a nice alternative to buying clothes especially for the session, what you often do. I don’t hide the fact that in my photos, I like to see vintage and boho styles, as well as natural colours, which show a perfect harmony with nature. I love hats, tattoos, as well as I enjoy and appreciate originality and uniqueness – everything that is not obvious. I like to show such things in the pictures! Nevertheless, remember that clothes are just a beautiful addition to you – to your personality and character. I don’t like forcefulness in terms of clothing – Iwant you to show yourself in front of the camera lens as you always are – I  want you to be yourself because it is your greatest and most beautiful value and that’s the way in which honest and emotional pictures are created <3